Blog - To confront poor customer service:

by SundaySmash
Sun, Feb 07, 2010

What do you do when victimized by a certain fast food pizza chain? In real life you might complain to your friends and under extreme circumstances call the chain's 800 number to give the franchise a poor rating. Or you could commit astonishing acts of brutality against those who wrong you. I know what my pick is.

The conversation depicted is more or less how it went down with the exception of my presence and the final panel. Our long distance (working) relationship precludes my actual involvement in these events, but I did receive an irate IM immediately upon his return demanding we create a comic, to which I enthusiastically agreed. Really, you have to agree enthusiastically with the giant frigging gorilla no matter what he says if you don't want your spine to be used as an accordion I mean.

It is an unusual day today. For what may possibly be the first time I have every intention of watching a game of football by my own motivation. Who is this at the helm of my consciousness?

Oh, and if you didn't check out our podcast we posted midweek, for shame! Check that now!