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by SundaySmash
Sun, Feb 14, 2010

Kevin's commentary for "EA Does it Again!"


When a video game based on Dante’s Inferno was announced, gamers as a group kind of scratched their heads. Marc and I kept track of updates over the course of the game’s development including the “Bad Nanny” achievement. The marketing and hype for this game are incredible, and honestly I’m not sure quite who could be excited about it. After watching some trailers and artwork for it, it seems the only people who should want to play this are 14 years old, and they just so happen to be too young to play due to the mature rating the game absolutely deserves. I watched a review of the game on IGN and in that short time frame saw more freaky demon wench boobs than I thought I would ever see in my lifetime, so… that’s just great. It’s Valentine’s Day, most people are waiting in a ridiculously long line at restaurants to eat a romantic meal with their loved ones, and what am I doing? Sitting at my desk surrounded by spent Vanilla Coke cans and empty beer bottles trying to get images of hellfiend areola out of my head. Classy.

Anyway, now there are rumors of a potential Macbeth videogame and it seems like games inspired by classic literature may be a new trend. What is next though? To Kill a Mockingbird: The Videogame? Watership Down: The Videogame? And what happens after EA has turned The Berenstain Bears into a gory FPS with moral lessons as the end of each level? We have a theory.