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by SundaySmash
Sun, Feb 21, 2010

Today’s comic was originally a follow up to this comic we wanted to do immediately, but ultimately we couldn’t bring ourselves to subject anyone to our angry rants about the internet culture’s mental defects twice in a row. The “ink” on our past entry has been dry long enough, we believe, and here we bring you The Violating of English II: The Violating Violation.

On occasion I’m left to wonder if the English I was taught in school is even a relevant language anymore considering that very few people seem to use it. Before we hired a writer I would from time to time do copy editing for my job only to frequently be told not to change mistakes I found simply because the grammatically wrong method was preferred. I’m not complaining about this. It puts a lot less pressure on me when accuracy is not absolutely required, but it also makes the entire exercise a moot point.

I assign blame to modern electronic communications. The internet, particularly message boards and instant messaging programs, encourages the use of abbreviations and unconventional acronyms in the name of speed. Really though, is it so much faster to type “u” than “you”? Come on, guys.

And then came along text messaging.

As if the multitudes of people with cellphones perpetually fused to their hands mashing buttons wasn’t irritating enough, the shorthand texting caused to develop is driving our culture ever closer to its impending doom. Okay, not really, but reading that hogwash gives me a headache. Is it so much to ask that a person use punctuation? It’s kind of a time honored tradition in written language.