Blog - He's on fire!:

by SundaySmash
Sun, Feb 28, 2010

One thing I’ve never understood about the video game industry is the incredible financial success of EA Sports. How do they get people to buy essentially the same game year after year when it would be just as simple to step outside and really play football or go to the park and really play baseball? When I’m participating in escapism, I want it to be genuine escapism, not something I could do in my back yard. I play video games because I can’t traverse two parallel dimensions while wielding a legendary sword and trying to reclaim the power of gold. I can’t sprout a raccoon tail and fly or ride around on a dinosaur who only devours villains. I can’t battle and defeat a powerful necromancer feared by the entire world. Incidentally, I can’t do that in game either. That’s beside the point.

The existence of sports games and their popularity mystifies me. The general audience of these games is people who are already playing sports in real life. Why do they need a video game for this? I just feel like instead of churning out the same game with updated team rosters for EA, these people could maybe move to Square Enix and churn out the same game with updated team rosters. I kid, I kid. There is, however, one exception to this rule of disinterest in sports games.

NB-friggen-A Jam, suckas!

If real basketball were this much fun, I’d actually care about it. I love the ridiculous physics, the quirky things the announcers shout, the shattering backboards, and, of course, when those three magic words sound out.

So you can imagine our excitement upon reading this.