Blog - Alcoholism is funny:

by SundaySmash
Sun, Mar 07, 2010

The comic we set before you today is the result of what happens when Marc and I actually hang out in person, an extreme rarity considering the geography of The United States of America. We were sitting enjoying a Smithwick’s at The Irish Pub, the picked clean bowl of what once was Shepherd’s Pie sitting before me like a ceramic trophy. As I silently pondered taking this bowl to a taxidermist and having it transformed into a gaudy piece of interior decorating, I was offered a piece of gum, the purpose jokingly to cover up the alcohol we recently consumed in case law enforcement saw fit to pull us over. Next thing I knew, a fictitious ad campaign was invented and a certain punch-line blurted, the very punch-line you will see if you click on the jpeg in the same location you click every week. Unless you’re new around here. Then click the jpeg you’ve never clicked before and prepare yourself to see something you can never unsee. Welcome to our madness.

I’d take the time to mention that driving under the influence is lame, but anyone that easily offended would have never become a part of our readership in the first place. I think advertising is frequently ridiculous and if I can make a joke about alcoholism to accentuate that, I’m going to do it.