Blog - Justice Part Two: Justicer:

by SundaySmash
Sun, Mar 21, 2010

Ever since we implied a certain rock “musician’s” recovery from a horrific (yet cathartic) accident months ago, the continuing outcry is that the injustice of Kroeger’s ongoing existence is a wrong thing. Sunday Smash’s mission statement is to make wrong things right, and today we bring you yet another installment of “Celebrities We Hate Mutilated For Our Pleasure.”

Immediately after uploading the strip where Kroeger was messily devoured by a shark, we both decided, independently of each other, Sunday Smash needed him as a villain. How does one go about converting a dead character into a threat to the rest of existence? Comics have been doing this death and subsequent resurrection thing for decades, turning death into a temporary inconvenience rather than a condition of any real permanence. Our answer became Robo-Kroeger. I feel like our explanation of his cheating death actually makes more sense than your average comics return story.