Blog - Epic Sad Face:

by SundaySmash
Sun, Apr 25, 2010

            Hi, it’s Marc. Perhaps you’ve heard that George Lucas is planning a new animated Star Wars comedy television series to be written by Seth Green. Our dear friend Kevin has hope that it will be good, which sprouts from his enjoyment of Robot Chicken, but I stand firmly at the front of the naysayer line. Star Wars has never had an aversion to comedy, but to create an entire series that takes our beloved universe and potentially makes it into a farce of itself is the worst idea since midichlorians.

George Lucas seems to have some deep-rooted form of self-hatred that can only be satiated by making money from content that rips his own mythology asunder at every turn. Alas, it is only a temporary relief, so he must endlessly continue on and go from turning Jabba’s palace into a retarded music video to giving idiotic kid-friendly characters enormous amounts of screen time to turning the galaxy’s most feared tyrant and moviedom’s most iconic villain into an angsty teenager. I could continue but the urge to slit my wrists increases.

I hope this is another example of what I refer to as “X-Men syndrome.” You see, before the first X-Men film was released in 2000, I saw some pre-production photos that caused me to send out mass emails to the world that cried, “STOP THIS FILM!” As we all know, despite Storm’s awful wig, the movie was pretty good and all my crybaby shenanigans were in vain. Will this be the same type of scenario? It has yet to be seen. But if Lucas’s current track record is any indication, it’s going to be a crapfest.

So big news! I’m going to be out of commission for a while. I saw a doctor on Tuesday for some annoying pain in my hand/wrist and he told me to slow it down or I’ll have tendinitis and arthritis to look forward to in the near future. Maybe even carpal tunnel! JOY!

I work full-time as an artist and come home to do Sunday Smash in my free time, which means I’m drawing sometimes 50 hours a week. I work very fast and the doctor says I’m quickly wearing out my money-making hand, so I’m taking this hiatus to try to save it. I pray this is only a temporary thing, but my job as an artist is what supports me and losing the use of or having even limited use of my hands puts that at risk. If it comes down to drawing Sunday Smash or having money to pay my mortgage and feed myself and my wife, I must choose the latter.

What this will look like for you is Kevin (and others?) taking on the brunt of the artwork for a few weeks. You’ve seen Kevin’s work before and you liked it, so it’s all good there. I might pop in now and again, but I can’t go right back to trying to squeeze out four full-color panels in under ten hours a week. Were Sunday Smash my full-time job and I had 40 hours a week to devote to it, things would be different. I’d be able to take my time and do three or four comics a week. So, you investors and sponsors out there, step up to the plate or it’s the juicer for the lot of ye!

I’m going to miss doing the comic for a while. I love drawing my ridiculous avatar in silly situations and I’m finally figuring out how to draw Kevin’s. Artistic expression, whether it manifests in a story about our aversion to text-speak or hatred for Nickelback’s “music,” is the greatest of releases for me and limiting my ability to express my thoughts and emotions through my art is going to make for a crappy little stretch here. I pray that this is a very temporary issue and that I’m back at the helm of the Wacom in no time; illustrating disturbing images of debauchery and  deviancy for you to enjoy.