Blog - Ain't Too Proud:

by SundaySmash
Sun, May 02, 2010

Hello, friends, it’s Marc again. My drawing arm is starting to feel better, so hopefully in another week or two I can get back to drawing the comic. I have to see the doctor again tomorrow and hopefully this time he’ll have legitimate answers rather than speculation and weak logic. For now, Kevin and I offer this week’s ludicrous tale borne of our deviant thoughts and weak willpowers.

First of all, this story isn’t totally true. I do not “like” cheap beer. However, I regularly find myself in situations where the only brew on hand is more akin to swill or urinethan actual beer. In such a scenario, my Pennsylvanian cohort might opt out of indulging altogether, but I, perhaps, have lower standards. Or maybe none at all. You see, in just about any social setting, I wholeheartedly believe that crappy beer is better than no beer at all. Does this make me any less of a human being? Perhaps. But it makes my job of putting up with your crap a whole lot easier and allows me a semi-justifiable excuse should I choose to punch you in the mouth. I kid.

Now, as for Kevin’s undying devotion to Kim Possible, that’s something I really can’t explain. When the show was on the air, I was aware of it, but to this day I’ve never seen a single episode. Apparently it’s good…? Two people whose choices in entertainment I generally respect (Kevin and my sister, Aislinn) have been fans, but I’m probably much too old to appreciate the show on many levels. Naked mole rats or no, I’m going to have to pass.

Now where’d I put my Natty Ice?