Blog - Tri Again:

by SundaySmash
Sun, May 09, 2010

            Hey, kids! It’s Marc again. I’m really enjoying our current trend of taking stories from real life to inspire Sunday Smash comics. Truth be told, we here in Smashland believe that nothing is ever funnier than real life, except maybe Fox’s Arrested Development (RIP). In Kevin’s case, however, this is especially true. Need I remind you that our dear Larue is not merely based on a real life human being, but is a completely faithful recreation of Kevin’s neighbor? Try to fall asleep tonight once you’ve pondered that revelation. I reckon his varicose veins will haunt your dreams, grabbing at your throat and tugging at your extremities. And then there are the liver spots…

This week’s comic was inspired by my (estimated) weekly doses of hint-dropping that I wanted Kevin to buy Monster Hunter Tri so I’d have someone I actually enjoy playing with. Anonymous online gaming doesn’t hold my interest for very long, even within the Monster Hunter world, so I’m frequently trying to sell games to my friends. It worked with Demon’s Souls and Phantasy Star Zero and now it has begun to work for the mighty Tri. It might take me weeks of sending screenshots and reviews and hilarious commercials, but eventually I’m hoping to have a nice little pack of hunters at the ready to slaughter the awful beasts terrorizing the beautiful virtual world.

So my months of hinting paid off and Kevin finally dropped his hard-earned fifty dollars on the game. Last night we played together for the first time with, if I might be so bold, fantastic results. We carved a path through nearly the entire 1-star online quest board with zero failures, no lost connections, and only one noticeable instance of lag. That’s quite a wonderful thing to be able to boast about, considering this is a game for the Nintendo Wii. You’ve no doubt heard many a tall tale about their poor online performance. I’ve rarely found it to be true, though, save for instances where I may have been Brawling against some random wiener kid from Nebraska. Man, I hate that kid.