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What's This All Aboot?
by SundaySmash

The deterioration of my command over the French language depicted in today’s comic is an exaggeration made for your (hopeful) amusement, but in truth I didn’t realize quite how much ability I had lost in the seven years since la dernière fois j’ai parlé en français. That’s French for… something. Look it up.

I was never fluent in French, although at one point I was conversational with a speech impediment that refused to allow me to speak proper French “R’s” and syntax abuse that could cause someone flashbacks of a certain green muppet Jedi. When I found out a friend was moving to Montreal and visiting an apartment, I offered to go along because I figured I could at least get around. By the end of the weekend, a lot had come back to me, but for the most part people didn’t even give me a chance to mutilate their beloved language. With the exception of some of the waiters at the microbrewery Dieu du Ciel, everyone we met spoke English on a sufficient, or better, level.

Montreal, though. It was not what I expected. It’s a very attractive city, even though the weather wasn’t great while we visited. I could actually live there, and I don’t think it would bother me aside from the annual apocalypse that reportedly occurs every year during the time known as winter.