Blog - The Problem with Venomous Reptiles:

by SundaySmash
Sun, Aug 08, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I logged into my e-mail account to find an e-mail from Blizzard Entertainment stating that my World of Warcraft account password had been changed; this was alarming, because I knew I hadn’t changed it, which could only mean one thing – my account was hacked. Gold farmers are having a glorious time making a living off of other peoples’ progress in game, and I had become their most recent victim. There are interesting articles online that explain the account hacking, so I won’t bother writing about it in this space. If you want to learn more, click here.

I quickly reset my password and logged in to my account. I found all of my alternate characters missing every item and all the gold I had amassed in the last two years of playing and my main character, Shutendownen, was deleted altogether. Not only that, my characters had raided the La Guillotine guild bank and sold guild property.

Hackers seem to be working harder than ever to hack World of Warcraft players. I know many of my guild mates in La Guillotine have been hacked previously. As I was complaining about the hacking, my friend told me his account had been hacked four times, his wife’s had just been hacked, and while we discussed this, his brother in law texted him saying his WoW account had just been hacked. The timing was moderately humorous, but in all honesty, I’m still angry even though Blizzard restored everything I lost. The question is, who am I angry with and why?

First of all, I am angry with Blizzard. I would like to know how I got hacked. I heeded their warnings. I am incredibly careful with my computer. I never give anyone account names or passwords for anything, I don’t download suspicious addons, and I never use torrents for anything. This hacking problem has been going on for some time, yet this incredibly successful company can’t repel them with better security. Why, despite my cautious ways, was my account compromised?

Second, I am angry with the players who pay real money for play money in a fake world they already pay a subscription fee to play in. In addition to being brainiacs, you are enablers. It’s not bad enough that you are cheating; you are actually assisting in stealing from people who are legitimate gamers. I hope some day the same hackers find a way to give you the swift kick in the grundle you all so richly deserve for purchasing stolen property.

Finally, I am absolutely livid with the hackers. What they are doing is reprehensible and I’m actually giving thought to just quitting the game altogether. Even if I understood the lack of ethics in stealing other peoples’ property and selling it, deleting someone’s character is pointless. Pray that I never find you, because I think you know what will happen.

I have logged in a handful of times since being hacked, and at this point my enjoyment is diminished. Every time I log in now, I ask myself if it is worth the monthly subscription fee to log in for 15 minutes a couple of times a week to run my “random” dungeon, which always seems to be Heroic Gundrak. More and more I’m having a hard time saying yes.