Blog - Just Like Jax:

by Kevin
Sun, Aug 29, 2010

Today’s comic is all about fond remembrances of salad days and a tip of the hat to the next generation of gamers. Welcome to the fold, friends. Ask your parents for $60, get thee to the closest game store, and whatever you do, do not take the last copy of a game we want.

If you don’t like this week’s offering, it’s okay. It probably just means you’re not a bad person. Seriously though, GameStop is the real villain of this piece. For crying out loud, this is a business they are operating here, and in business the goal is to stock products to sell in exchange for currency. If every other corporation in the world operated in this manner, gas stations would only fill your tank if you told them months in advance you were coming and paid them $5 before the fuel even came into their possession. If you forgot to preorder, I hope your boss didn’t want to see you at work any time soon, because your car’s tank is bone dry, son! Maybe you should consider riding a mule around.