Blog - Spoiler Alert:

by Kevin
Sun, Oct 03, 2010

Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead is one of the illustrious three comic series to haul me back into the hobby of comic collecting, a hobby of OCD, insanity, and never making out with any girls at all ever ever which has turned my brain into a storage bank for utterly worthless information.

The Walking Dead is a story of survival horror which follows Rick Grimes, a former police officer, as he tries to survive the zombie apocalypse and adjust to the new world he finds himself in. Unlike many horror stories, however, the purpose of The Walking Dead is not to freak you out. This is not to say it doesn’t; it does so frequently, and with incredible skill. Still, the purpose of the book is to tell you the story of the characters’ continuing existences, afford the reader beautifully executed characterization, and make you love completely fictional people. Then just when you care for a character most, Kirkman brutally murders them before your very eyes. Let me make one thing abundantly clear about this series: it is astonishingly violent and no character is safe. That’s two things, I guess.

My enthusiasm for the series has yet to transfer to Marc, and since he doesn’t get the station AMC, the fast approaching TV adaptation isn’t something that really affects his status quo. The recently released Walking Dead Compendium which contains the first four years of comics may be something that can get him to give the story a chance, but I’m not holding my breath.

The AMC series, though. The director of Shawshank, perhaps one of the finest movies, is on board. How can it be bad? Every time I watch the trailer I feel like I have to pee.