Blog - A Dimension Not Only of Sight and Sound, But of Fecal Humor:

by Kevin
Sun, Oct 31, 2010


In today’s installment, Marc and I explore what Sunday Smash might be like if we were doing this solo instead of as a creative team. Even so, we wrote this comic together, so I suppose it’s not entirely accurate. The horror of the concept is still fitting to help you celebrate All Hallow’s Eve and is a viable alternative to going out and egging your neighbor’s car. Also, Rod Serling guest stars, so we’d like to thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule and… oh, who am I kidding? He hasn’t done anything since, like, 1975.

Panel 2:
Kevin’s Sunday Smash:

This is exactly what you would get from me. I write rough drafts of a fairly large number of scripts and send them to Marc who then has the unenviable task of cutting out nearly half of what I wrote due to space limitations. If I were the sole mind behind this project, the whole comic would be a wall of text crushing the entirety of the human race beneath its immense girth.

Panel 3:
Marc’s Sunday Smash:

Nearly every script Marc masterminds features brutally graphic violence and random whimsical, frequently incredibly silly, dialogue. Remember this comic? Pure Marc. The only role I played in it was saying, “Fine, you can do it. But this is your birthday present.”

Truthfully, Sunday Smash wouldn’t exist without Marc and even if it did, the project would not be anywhere close to as fun as it is for me with his involvement and creativity. It’s an incredibly rewarding partnership and I think our senses of humor and artistic talents complement each other well. Hopefully everyone reading this feels the same way.