Blog - Fashion Comics:

by Kevin
Sun, Jan 23, 2011


Today’s comic is one of those times where Marc graciously, and perhaps against his better judgment, allowed me to run amok unsupervised with the exact idea that I wanted. This was despite it being allegedly offensive to an entire gender, as well as any man who retains notions of chivalry. The audible diatribe that appears in the strip is more or less a transcript of the impassioned rant that transpires in my head every time I see a woman wearing leggings. Just stop. Please.

See? I asked nicely. I’d like to give a special thanks to Emrys Smith and Arelis Feliciano for their help with this week’s strip. We really appreciate it.

I was shocked and amused this week to see an article about a comic book calledSteampunk Palin. If you click on that link, it will take you to a site that is exactly like it sounds, but far, far better. I would describe it as not safe for work, but that is only because you’ll be cracking up loud enough that someone will notice you are surfing the internet instead of performing your duties. I will not be held responsible for you getting yourself sacked.