Blog - Never Say Never:

by Kevin
Sun, Feb 20, 2011

We’ve all been there: the dreaded bad haircut. I don’t think any of you have a right to complain, though. It can’t possibly be this bad. Fun fact: I never actually listened to a Justin Bieber song until this week. This is yet another sacrifice I made for the good of the comic. I hope the general opinion is that this week’s strip is worth the screaming nightmares I’m sure to endure for weeks now.

I kid, I kid. After accidentally hearing a Ke$ha (how do you pronounce that?) “song”, The Biebs doesn’t seem even a fraction as offensive to my ears. It’s quite likely that we are bearing witness to the worst musician of all time in Ke$ha. In a day and age where autotune reigns supreme in popular music, it’s actually possible to be a pop music sensation by doing nothing more than borrowing a filthy grade school limerick, scrawling lyrics on a bar napkin with your slutty lipstick in less than five minutes, and changing your off key voice to be borderline tolerable to people with no taste.

My debut single will be on radio stations everywhere and Myspace next month. It is about a man from Nantucket and a fateful interaction with a vessel he carries everywhere with him. I believe it is referred to in English as a bucket.

Thanks to Magravan and Skrael at The Other Grey Meat for giving us a link and introducing us to what is, judging from our traffic spike, a slew of new people. TOGM is a great webcomic that if you don’t already know about, you should check out. We did a guest comic for them that went live last night, so head on over, check it out, and then tell them how great they are.

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