Blog - 5.9 on the Richter Scale:

by Kevin
Sun, Feb 27, 2011

Lately it may seem as though Sunday Smash has embraced the route of corporate sponsorship via product placement, selling out our principles and artistic integrity in exchange for money and fine coffees. The truth is, out of both of those, I only have the latter. And on the subject of fine coffees, let’s discuss Alabaster Coffee Roaster & Tea Company.

In reality, quite a bit of work on Sunday Smash is done at Alabaster, which is why it is the setting for today’s comic. The comic is about things Marc and I like, and this is something I like quite a bit. For those of you who don’t particularly enjoy coffee, may I submit that until last August, I did not either. It turns out that I just had good coffee so infrequently, that the word “coffee” itself had become synonymous with a dark filth scraped from the bottom of a rank basement and brewed through old sweat socks. Not so, friends!

Each cup of coffee is prepared fresh at the bar, which means if old, bitter coffee that has been sitting in a pot all day is your cup of tea, then you should probably go somewhere else. Local artists display their art, and many Friday nights feature musicians. The owner, Karl Fisher, who is depicted in today’s comic, is incredibly passionate about his craft, and also readily educates on the subject of coffee, which is a good deal more interesting than you might expect it to be. It’s a pleasant atmosphere, and despite my peevish nature, I find myself looking forward to stopping by a couple of times a week during my lunch break to pick up one of the featured coffees to go and have a short conversation with the staff and other regulars.

I’m going to continue pimping this out as often as I remember until every person on the planet bends to my will. Like us! Follow us! You might as well just get it over with now so I can stop nagging and stave off carpal tunnel for a couple more minutes.