Blog - The Terrific Three:

by Kevin
Sun, Mar 06, 2011

With the internet, it is impossible to be a comic book reader and actually be surprised by anything anymore. Spider-Man revealing his secret identity in the series Civil War was ruined for me by IGN, as was the death of Captain America, Dick Grayson taking up the cowl, and the death of the Human Torch, which we decided was momentous enough to make a comic about. I won’t lie and say that I believe the Human Torch will be dead forever; we are talking about comic books, after all. Still, the cancellation of a series as iconic as The Fantastic Four is kind of a big deal, even if it is a marketing ploy to sell a #1 issue of a new replacement series called Future Foundation.

The main reason for today’s comic, however, is any time I can make Marc draw comic book super heroes, I jump at the opportunity. He always impresses me.

Yesterday I tried my hand for the first time at the art of brewing beer. Hopefully the thick mixture will evolve into a fine Belgian-style triple sometime over the course of the next three weeks. Otherwise, I have 11 gallons of malodorous slop on my hands.