Final Smash: Part 3 - Too Little, Too Late

Today’s comic was well worth producing just to see Marc illustrate (and then vandalize) Kristen Spewart’s stupid, ugly face.

Poor, poor, Diddy. We finally assign him a name as he is in mortal peril. We’ve been unofficially referring to him in scripts as Diddy for quite some time now, and we figured it was probably time to let everyone else in on it too. He made a good number more appearances in Smash than I initially thought he would. He first appeared here because Kevin needed someone to torment, and Marc the Real wanted it to be a young cousin so that it didn’t seem like Marc and Kevin hang out with random young boys and emotionally abuse them on a regular basis.

In a short, yet illustrious webcomics career full of many good decisions, it was still one of his better ones.


by Kevin