Final Smash: Part 5 - Refreshment

Let today’s episode be another reminder of the power of mint, which conquers all. It even goes so far as to transform no-nonsense police officers into speedo-clad party animals. The next time you’re planning to drive under the influence, make sure you have a pack of Drinkly’s Gum with you. Also, be sure to inform me of what you are about to do so I can break your elbows or use some other appropriate means to discipline you for your idiocy.

It was a rough week in Smash-land. Last Monday, a certain gorilla you all know and love sent me an e-mail with a subject line reading “kl;gars hippo oerhb.” This roughly translates into English to mean, “Unprecedented frustration,” or “profound sadness,” and I understood why as soon as I opened the e-mail and he informed me that he had just accidentally deleted every Smash comic he ever made, which is about 60% of our total offerings. Oh, and we have no back up.

I frantically searched the internet for a program to recover deleted files. I found something, but it was expensive and the majority of the files recovered were corrupted. It was quite unfortunate. The comics I’ve drawn are safe and sound, and now safely stored on my Macbook Pro’s hard drive as well as my thumb drive, and will soon be stored on a DVD as well. We still have low resolution copies of every comic, but the original 300dpi files we had intended to submit for publication are gone. I guess the moral of the story is back your priceless stuff up.

The irony? He deleted the files while attempting to back them up. So maybe the moral of the story is do not back your priceless stuff up and you won’t accidentally delete it. I could really go either way at this point.


by Kevin