Final Smash: Part 6 - Clouded Judgment

If anyone asked me who my favorite Sunday Smash character is, I would probably answer Emo McFangface, so it’s only natural that the punchline from our very first comic make an appearance during the finale. I feel like I could probably write an ongoing series about Emo’s melodrama, although in order to get inside that character’s mind I have to listen to a good deal more 3OH!3 than I’m comfortable with.

Big news! Next Sunday I will be boarding an airplane and flying across the country to attend the second annual SmashCon! This is a convention that is closed to the public and consists of Marc and I sitting on his couch playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Phantasy Star 0, Dokapon Kingdom, and whatever other games we fancy while drinking expensive Belgian ale. I also intend to pick up the rare Marc Matters 3DS Mii.

Also, this week I’m very excited to download 20 free games from Nintendo for being a 3DS early adopter. The games they’ve revealed are ones I’m actually interested in too; they aren’t giving away trash. It’s times like this that I remember why I love Nintendo. They may have abused us with years of nothing but casual titles on the Wii and a pitiful 3DS launch lineup, but this is the kind of thing that allows the healing to begin.


by Kevin