Final Smash: Part 8 - Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow:

SmashCon 2011 closed its doors this morning with Kevin boarding a plane back to the east coast and Marc going back to work. So today’s comic’s title has an unintentional double meaning, I suppose. As it always kind of sucks for Smash’s creators to be bi-coastal, it sucks even more when we hang out for a week and then have to separate again for months or years until the next visit. But today is a sad day for yet another reason, for it is here that we bid an eternal farewell to the punchline of our very first comic: Emo McFangface.

Emo was a creation of Kevin and his real-life (and comic) coworker Bethany as a satire of the modern Twilight-era vampire. As our biggest supporting character, he’s been featured in eleven Smash comics to this day (that’s more than 10% of our stories!) and just never could catch a break. It was always ever so much fun to ruin his day on these hallowed pages and it really feels like the end of an era to kill him off. At least we had the decency to provide him with a little hope in his final seconds of life… before killing him off in the only way we could feel good about. As for his mystery assassin; well, for you game nerds it may be obvious, but the rest will have to wait until next week for the reveal.

<3 Marc

by Kevin