Comic 30 - Tri Again!

Sun, May 09, 2010
Tri Again!
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SundaySmash Sun, May 09, 2010 edit delete
Guest Colorist and GUEST STAR - Arelis Feliciano


Magravan Sun, May 09, 2010 edit delete reply
That's what I'm like. I might want the game, might have wanted the game for months, but if a salesperson decides to bug me about it, I'll buy it some place else.
Effigy_Power Sun, May 09, 2010 edit delete reply
I for one can't wait for the day when all service-personal has finally been replaced with cybernetic goat-people who never, ever give me recommendations without being asked.
That's not fair, since I just bought an ebook reader on recommendation and am pretty happy with it... but anyways! Rabble-rabble-rabble.