I'll Be Smashed For Christmas


Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day. Since you, our readers, have given so much to us this last year, we asked ourselves what we could do to give back. We wanted to offer you a practical gift, something no one else could offer, so we immediately eschewed scented candles from consideration. We sat down and pondered what it is that Sunday Smash has that no one else can claim, when we realized we have a fully sentient gorilla. After deciding against gorilla scented candles, it suddenly struck us that a gorilla’s perspective on life might allow for nuggets of life-improving wisdom human beings never considered. Thus, the advice column, Ask Marc was born.

We started a thread on the Comicfury forum under webcomic discussion called “Need Advice?”, offering help to whomever may desire it. Comicfurian Biophysicist fired off his Bat Signal, and today we gladly offer advice for his hopeless romantic ways. We hope that your life is enriched. Best of luck there, guy.

Anyway, we’d be willing to make this a regular feature. Leave comments letting us know if this is something you enjoy. Ask Marc also will not continue without real problems for us to address. Message us with any advice for problems weighing heavily upon your mind.

We don’t’ mention it often, but we have a Facebook page and a Twitter. If you would like to see more Ask Marc in the future, like us on Facebook and put your requests for advice there, or PM us on Comicfury. Unfortunately, neither of us checks the forums very often. In a perfect world, we would, but in a perfect world I wouldn’t have a full time job, a World of Warcraft addiction, and a desire to drink expensive beer all contending for pieces of my day.


by Kevin