Pizza Party!!!


I’ll save you the time: did we just do a comic making fun of charity? The answer is yes. Oh, don’t give me that hurt look. What website did you think you were visiting right now?

There has been some surprising feedback regarding the punchline of last week’s comic. To be more specific, the surprising feedback is that an alarming number of people mistakenly believed our final panel to be a depiction of nonconsensual sexual intercourse between Kevin and Emrys. This is known as an artistic malfunction, and anyone who draws regularly is all too familiar with such a predicament.

When I was studying graphic design in college, I had to design a t-shirt for the July 4th fireworks. I designed an image with fiery rockets flying up into the night sky. I felt my final product was strong, and took it into my class for critique and hung it up on the wall. The professor walked into the classroom, took one look at my illustration, and remarked, “This is kind of phallic.”

In that moment, I looked at my work, the illustration I had stared at for hours while creating, but only then did I truly see what my hands had wrought. What I had submitted for my project was a sexually charged image complete with a massive, red, erect penis and a condom of purple flames surrounding it. All things considered, I guess it’s good that my subconscious practices safe sex.

The point is, this was completely unintentional, unless you found it to be particularly funny, in which case,we totally did this on purpose and you are a terrible person. In all seriousness though, we don’t find rape especially humorous, unless it’s the Handbanana episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It’s unlikely we’ll do a comic involving it.

Special thanks to our friends Magravan and Skrael over at The Other Grey Meat for putting Sunday Smash up on their link page. You should check their comic out. I’ve been reading it since almost the very beginning. It’s a very unique zombie apocalypse story and it never disappoints.

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by Kevin