All Your Sneeze Are Belong To Us


Never fear, dear readers, we aren’t jumping the shark and adding an adorable little animal to our cast of characters any time soon. We considered it for a couple of minutes, but then we were reminded of some fundamental truths of the universe and nipped the idea in the bud as fast as we possibly could.

We had some people join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter during the last week, which pleases me greatly. For those of you that have reservations, fear not! We may create a weekly comic endorsing madness, but we’re actually very mild-mannered and will probably not stalk you. In exchange for joining, we promise to not flood your newsfeed with boring, egotistical posts about our every musing and bowel movement; you will, however, get exclusive preview images of the upcoming comic in progress. What’s that? More of Marc Matters’ artwork? Yes, please!


by Kevin