This is what I think really happens

There are plenty of great reasons to not trade in or purchase used games at GameStop. In today’s comic, we address one of those reasons.

When I came back to playing video games after a hiatus which lasted from 1996 to 2003, my first system was a Game Boy Advance, which I purchased used from EB Games (now GameStop). Many of you will remember an egregious error in the design of the Game Boy Advance: the screen was completely impossible to see anywhere except for very specific lighting conditions. The lighting conditions required to play the handheld were most frequently met in bathrooms. I would pull a chair into my bathroom and sit down to play, much to the chagrin of my roommates and their full-capacity bladders as they agonized outside the door. As I sat there playing Lunar Legend, it occurred to me that, as my Game Boy was not new, someone else had likely, at some point, played this system in the bathroom. Without pants on… and probably without washing their hands. Horrified, I used soap to scrub the system off various times. I eventually ended up buying a new Game Boy Advance SP, but until I got rid of my original Game Boy Advance, I washed my hands every single time I was done playing it.

Aside from sanitation reasons that only a crazy person like myself is concerned with, trading games in and purchasing used games doesn’t make any sense. Game Stop will give you $2.00 for something they sell for $30. The only times I ever purchase preplayed are when the game is no longer being made new, and the only way to obtain it is used. This is why I own used copies of Beyond Good and Evil and WarioWare: Smooth Moves. If you don’t like a game or you are done playing it, turn to the internet to sell it. Other users on e-Bay and Amazon will give you a much better value for your game, and you won’t be supporting a bunch of gougers.


by Kevin