The Golden Age

Today’s comic features a valuable lesson: stop leaving emo status updates on Facebook or I will pee on you. There are actually a number of different things people do on Facebook that irritate me. Here are some of the major ones:

Not everything is update worthy. Did you just unload the dishwasher? Did your cat yak on the floor? I don’t care. Don’t burden my newsfeed or my mind with it.

Don’t make comments about how worthless/ugly you are, expecting your friends to fly to your rescue with uplifting comments. If you’re anything like me, about 75% of your Facebook “friends” would be better described as Facebook “acquaintances” or Facebook “dude-I-met-that-one-time-it-was-cool.” That leaves a really great impression with people you barely know.

It’s complicated. It’s really not. You’re not in a relationship. Set your status to single.

This blog is going up Monday instead of Sunday, and for that I apologize. Ranting about Facebook was harder than I thought, but it gives me a chance to deliver the following news. Marc and Kevin made cameos as toys for R.Z. in today’s The Other Grey Meat by our friends Magravan and Skrael. You should check their comic out.


by Kevin