Final Smash: Part 1 - Fecal Matters

This week (and the next several) we have something special in store for you. In the past, Smash has steered clear of continuity aside from recurring characters and running gags; however, we decided to try our hands at a continuing narrative. May I present the Sunday Smash Epic: Final Smash.

This is a story we began work on over six months ago and have continued refining until we felt it was ready to go. The original inspiration came to me when I stepped into the bathroom at work and was immediately slapped in the face with a wave of horrific fecal odor yet again. I wondered to myself what kind of beast could continuously make a bathroom smell that horrible without being caught. It struck me (much like the fecal odor struck my nostrils) that a good ninja commits his dirty deeds done dirt cheap without ever being seen, and so the poop ninjas were born.

The blog is late, and for that I apologize. I was at a LAN party all day yesterday and League of Legends consumed my time. The comic is what I worry about having posted on time, so I’m not terribly upset. Hopefully none of you are either. Have a happy July 4th.


by Kevin